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Public Lecture: Overcoming Obstacles

Understanding obstacles

Challenges, obstacles and criticism. These are a part of growth and strengthening, for it is in contrast that we can further refine our beliefs, our ideals and our methods. Understanding obstacles and how they can both hinder us and make us grow is essential for moving through the barrier of stagnation. Once we understand what is holding us back we can achieve our greatest challenges in life.

The Greatest Challenge

Napoleon Hill writes in his book, Think and Grow Rich, that the greatest obstacle of all is the susceptibility to negative influences. Understanding and treating those negative influences (in the framework of understanding our personality type) helps protect us from their power, and transform and transmute them into something that builds us up and lifts us to a place where we can continue on our journey to success.  Explore the science behind building a firmly placed foundation on the road to our greatest goal and solidifying our confidence, success and dreams.

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