Flagship Living
A Five week program for launching the life of your dreams


Learn about the Flagship Living course and how it will transform your life.

What is Flagship Living?

This is a dynamic, explorative course in personal potential. Over the course of five weeks you will attend inspired spiritual talks, powerful lectures and hands-on, practical workshops so you can take the helm of your life and reclaim the power and joy that is yours by birthright. Step into complete confidence and take charge of the unfolding of your experience. For five weeks you will have access to some of the most enlightened, peaceful and successful practicing metaphysicians who will share their stories and work directly with you to transform yours.

To put off your old self within which belongs your former manner of living and to be renewed in the spirit of your mind, that is true righteousness and holiness” (Ephesians 4:22)


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Reverend Elizabeth Thompson

Reverend Elizabeth Thompson


Rev. Elizabeth Thompson

It is my joy to serve as a transforming agent for those who are ready to take the helm of their own vessel of life experience.  Life is a spiritual adventure designed for each of us to thrive, celebrate and evolve as we experience it.   I see all individuals awakening up to the empowering joy of creative expression.  As we embrace this higher calling, we are participating in a world that works for all.

Over the past 25 (plus) years I have had the privilege and honor of serving as a Spiritual Teacher, Counselor, Workshop Leader, Music Minister, Speaker, and Spiritual Mediation Specialist and Senior Minister.  I have pioneered ministries, cruised up and down the Atlantic and Caribbean on a sailboat, exploring and celebrating life on the playground of Earth. Currently I serve as Senior Minister at Unity of Sarasota, Florida.

The focus of my ministry and coaching revolves around spiritual growth, empowerment, and enrichment through family support in all modes and expressions, small groups, creative spiritual arts in drama and music, outreach, and developing credit classes.   I write for spiritual publications, and serve as a Ministerial Mentor for the Field Licensing Department at Worldwide Unity Ministries.

 My passion is to embrace the evolution of our consciousness as both a spiritual practice and means of expressing the Creative Impulse with compassion and grace.  Cultivating the sacred blueprint that is encoded in the soul of  is my joy and honor.  With all my being, I know that once you and I express from this understanding we are able to ride the crest of the wave on the cutting edge of Spiritual Growth for the planet.

Now is the time in the history of humanity for each of us to embrace and embody what is mean to be enlightened, empowered and enriched through walking the talk of enlightened transformation 24/7. We are in the midst of a huge evolution, transitioning from Homo Sapiens to Homo Noeticus, the next step in human evolution. It is a glorious time to be alive!


Matthew A. A. Wilson

Matthew A. A. Wilson


Matthew A. A. Wilson

After nearly 15 years working in director level positions in Higher Education both nationally and abroad, I have devoted my life to educating, inspiring and leading people into the direction of their true purpose. I have developed a style of educating people that is ethical, inspiring, fun – and most of all – true to myself.  I am a lover of life and people, and with my positive attitude and practical application of the principles I teach I have transformed the challenges in my life and become a successful family man and business leader.  I am currently completing my PhD in Leadership and Management.

I have always had a passion for authentic life engagement, and I am called to help people discover and experience the richness of their own life. My career in Higher Education spanned years of commitment 24/7 engagement with young adults in the most trans-formative years of their lives, and in those hours of engagement I learned how to handle extreme conflict as well as deliver stunning and life changing programs to groups and one on one sessions with my team and my students. 

I have moved onto a new journey to broaden my skills and dive deeper into the healing nature of my soul.  That endeavor has proven to be the most important decisions I have ever made. With the support of a loving family I have jumped off of the cliff, and believe me it was the scariest thing I have ever done, but the wind caught me and now I am soaring. It all stems from confidence in myself and an understanding of the laws of the universe.  Understanding the basic principles of how my mind works and how the world works around me has been essential for my achieving my highest and best aspirations.





Elizabeth A. A. Wilson

I am an author, speaker and ordained minister who specializes in establishing positive and empowering perspectives on any life issue. With my philosophy of the presence of perfection in all things I have transmuted ginormous life challenges and now devote my heart to telling stories so others can learn to rewrite their own chapters in life. 

Following a decade of excelling in a career of professional services and project management in the United Kingdom, I experienced excessive self-criticism, stress, feelings of unworthiness and even alcohol abuse. Just when I thought my life was set in concrete, I moved to Sarasota, Florida and experienced a peculiar spiritual awakening that deposited in my mind some rather marvelous insider trading knowledge about manifesting miracles.

In the four years since then I have, among other stuff, published novels worldwide, collaborated with New York Times bestselling authors, met and interviewed some of the world's most thrilling legends, folklorists and filmmakers, moved from a tiny city-center apartment to a stunning home by the bay, graduated top of the class from a ministry program specializing in metaphysical principles, starred in a documentary, and found peace of mind, freedom of choice, expansion, adventure and joy. 

My core philosophy is that life is a craft that can be mastered if you understand the rules of the game. After hearing 1000s of times that to succeed as an author you need luck over talent, I have thoroughly examined what "luck" really is. I submit that LUCK is merely the art of being available for success to flow effortlessly into your life. My authorship if nothing else has been a demonstration to myself that this is in fact true. I love to ignite that same faith and excitement in anyone feeling down on their "luck", and I do this through dramatic storytelling.

Besides telling stories that are mostly made up, I host workshops on metaphysical principles, make radio appearances on both sides of the Atlantic, study for my PhD in Metaphysics and Divinity, love and nurture my two crystal babies Olivia and Penelope, and am (very slowly) learning to play the ukulele.